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    We've finally pushed the new 3.1 update to the public :)

    This new update features a couple of new things.

    * NinjaTrader strategy was greatly improved.
    * NinjaTrader : Support for non-minute bars has been added.
    * NinjaTrader : Immediate communication with NinjaMonitor once strategy is started
    * NinjaTrader : Custom settings from within a Strategy
    * NinjaTrader : Support for monitoring multiple instances of the same strategy
    * NinjaMonitor : Automatic installation/update of NinjaTrader Plugin
    * NinjaMonitor : "From Name" for email alerts can be customized

    We advice you upgrade this week-end while markets are offline, as you'll need to close ninjatrader to update the NinjaMonitor plugin, and recompile your strats.

    posted 6 years ago

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