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  • garyco
    New User

    Wall street computers that do trading are designed in networks of redundant components that leave no single point of failure and some have parallel servers making sure no transaction is ever lost. This maintaining state of transactions (trades) no matter what piece of hardware or software might fail is part of insuring the billions traded are not lost..

    Retail traders running NinjaTrader have nothing like this. We are at risk for the failure or stoppage of
    1) Windows
    2) PC
    3) NinjaTrader
    4) Network
    5) as well as real time problems with order flow (latency, etc).

    It seems NinjaMonitor is close to having all the pieces to allow parallel operation between 2 or more Ninja trader platforms to insure no
    transaction ever becomes "unmanaged" by a strategy.

    Yep, I would feel a lot safer, knowing I had a duplicate NinjaTrader computer watching over the state of my primary auto trading computer. (of course ready to take over if necessary).

    Can't wait to see your next product.


    posted 5 years ago
  • NinjaMonitor

    Hello Gary, thank you very much for your interest in our product.

    I have read with detail your post. However I would like to bring this detail to your attention.

    It is something you learn in aeronautics, where you have a lot of instruments in redundancy. One of them is the Altimeter, which of most importance shows your height. You usually get two altimeters, a main and a backup.

    If the main shows 300ft difference with the backup, it doesn't mean the main altimeter is broken, it tells you there is a problem somewhere. (In the altimeter, the probe, the pressure setting, either in the main system or backup system).

    Coming back to trading.... Having a mirrored backup system comes with a price. One of them, is that your system will be trading live on one computer and in sim101 on another computer. So one system will get simulated fills, while the other is still waiting for your order to REALLY be filled....

    Basically, solutions could exist, but they're not that obvious I fear. One of them would be to have a special software sitting between NinjaTrader and your broker.

    As of now, my mind is more thinking about offering a "in the cloud" optimization module for ninjatrader :) but without better API support by NinjaTrader (or some serious hacking ...)

    posted 5 years ago
  • garyco
    New User

    Hello NinjaMonitorTeam,

    Thanks for your rapid response to my lengthy question!

    I like your analogy of the flight instruments.. used to be two radios too and maps and drawing lines while trying to fly. GPS sure makes all that easier.
    And to continue the analogy.... a where are we GPS system from NinjaTrader would sure make all this easier.

    Back to computing, parallel computing and trading. It is not easy to create non blocking protocols that allow parallel solutions to work and as you say NinjaTrader has not built in any API for us to sync multiple servers or strategies when a trade goes "unmanaged".

    It seems if I really want parallel trading engines I will have to do what Wall Street has done and write it in a language like C on Unix systems using FIX or some other already defined protocol or API.

    I must compliment you on your model though.. for NinjaTrader customers, you seem to be the only company providing a solution to actively monitor what is really going on and your suggestions for implementing redundancy in the home "office" environment are great.


    I will tell my other NinjaTrader "autotraders" about you.


    posted 5 years ago

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